Chemspec® Biosolv® Booster Additive




Biosolv is an original component of Chemspec’s most popular products, and now for the first time, you can bring the power of Biosolv to your favorite pre-spray. This powerful additive booster is designed to super-charge the oil-busting power of your ordinary pre-spray. Formulated with the highest grade of d-Limonene, a naturally derived solvent, and petroleum-derived mineral spirits, Biosolv slices right through the heaviest oily soils from petroleum sources, including road tar and blacktop sealer. It rinses clear, leaving behind a light citrus fragrance. This citrus-fortified booster contains an emulsifier that disperses quickly in to water-based traffic lane cleaners and pre-sprays, so it doesn’t require extended mixing time. If you are tasked with cleaning carpet in industrial and commercial settings, auto repair shops, and greasy, grimy restaurants, then adding a little Biosolv to your cleaning routine is just the thing! This powerful booster acts fast and makes cleaning these greasy, oily areas easier than ever!

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