Chemspec® Browning Treatment & Coffee Stain Remover




Chemspec Browning Treatment removes or reduces browning caused by coffee, tea, and over-wetting and bleed through of jute backing. Effective for carpet but can be used safely on upholstery, too! Two Great names … One Great Product! Browning Treatment & Coffee Stain Remover is the result of intensive laboratory research to solve the most common problem carpet cleaners face – browning. Coffee and tea are two of the most widely consumed beverages. This means that both cause many stains on carpet and upholstery. Unfortunately, they can be extremely difficult to remove. Browning Treatment was specially formulated to make the removal job easier for the professional. It will attack both coffee and other stains quickly and effectively. Browning Treatment is effective on upholstery as well as carpet. If overwet, the padding or stuffing under the upholstery fabric can discolor the face fabric. Chemspec Browning Treatment can remove this troublesome browning challenge. Browning Treatment also removes or reduces browning due to overwetting and bleed through of jute backing. When the jute carpet backing becomes overwet, jute vegetable dyes combine with the excess moisture and travel up through the carpet fiber during drying and discolor the carpet. Browning Treatment will remove or effectively reduce this type of discoloration. Effective on new or old stains, Browning Treatment & Coffee Stain Remover truly has a superior formula. Despite the fact that some “old” coffee and other tannin stains may affect dyes causing extremely deep brown stains, Browning Treatment & Coffee Stain Remover will modify and reduce the stain color and intensity. The result will be more acceptable to your customer.

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Weight 128 oz
Dimensions 6.15 x 6.15 x 11.63 in