Chemspec® DynaForce 77 with Biosolv®




Delivers triple-strength cleaning power and boosts cleaning results. Fibers are left cleaner and more resistant to resoiling. DynaForce 77 with Biosolv can be used in both truck mount and portable extraction units. Because DynaForce 77 with Biosolv is instantly soluble, you no longer have to worry about clogging or unmixed powder; it instantly dissolves in hot or cold water. Plus, special defoaming agents and dual-corrosion inhibitor agents help keep your equipment running longer between descaling jobs. As an added bonus, Dynaforce 77 with Biosolv also contains advanced anti-foaming agents, so it’s ideal for use in portables. It won’t create a thick, choking foam to clog your equipment and force you to empty the recovery tank more often. Cost effective cleaning at a fixed dilution ratio of 320 to 1. This product has a pH level that is safe for use on most synthetic, stain-resistant, and wool fibers.

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