Chemspec® EncapBrite SR




Chemspec has combined two proven performers in a single product. EncapBrite SR gives you the superior bonnet cleaning power of EncapBrite plus the outstanding protection of “soil-resistant” retardant in one easy-to-use formula. Using EncapBrite SR will significantly reduce cleaning frequency. It keeps soil and stain protection at peak levels to reduce re-soiling and helps you maintain optimum carpet appearance without spending a lot of your valuable time and labor on the job. Because there is no measurable residue, re-soiling is retarded and carpet appearance is impressive. No residue means you can apply topical treatments, such as anti-static sprays and protectors, almost immediately. This product cleans 2,000–3,000 square feet per hour and dries quickly. Plus, pre-spotting is virtually eliminated. EncapBrite mixes at 12 oz per gallon of water. Each diluted gallon covers 800–1,000 square feet. Freeze thaw stable.

Additional information

Weight 128 oz
Dimensions 6.15 x 6.15 x 11.63 in