Chemspec® Express Lane Traffic Lane Cleaner




Chemspec Express Lane Traffic Lane Cleaner is ideal for restaurant carpet near cooking areas, offices of auto repair companies, commercial carpets, or any other type of carpet that is heavily soiled. It powers through stubborn greasy soils and rinses easily. Unlike other products that need extended dwell time periods to emulsify heavy, greasy soils, Express Lane goes to work faster, helping you get through tough jobs without standing around waiting for chemical to work. Express Lane contains dual surfactant/solvent blend that emulsifies soil, suspending it on the surface for easy removal during extraction, leaving no soil-attracting residues behind. This formulation combats greasy, oily soils, asphalt walk-off, and a variety of other water- and oil-based stains. Although Express Lane is tough on soils, it is specifically designed to protect carpet finish, leaving carpets looking great. With a 32:1 dilution, just a little of this ultra-concentrated product goes a long way.

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